Moving Tips

Moving from one house to another is known to be one of the most stressful situations one can be in… so here are some moving tips to help reduce the stress:

(Download and print our Handy Moving Tips CHECKLIST!)

Before Moving

• Confirm moving date and addresses with us.
• Arrange street parking for the moving truck.
• For apartment moves, reserve the elevator in advance.
• Notify Post office of new address 30 days in advance and mail change of address cards.
• If moving out of area, obtain medical, dental, veterinary and school records.
• Return items borrowed from neighbours and library, and collect those you’ve loaned.
• Take inventory and arrange your assets into 3 categories; items to move, to store and to sell
• Arrange for a baby-sitter on your moving day if you have small children and/or pets.
• Defrost all refrigerators and freezers.
• Have the locks changed on your new home.
• Hold a garage sale—it’s a great way to get rid of all your never-used items.


• Pack heavy items (books, china) in small boxes, and lighter items (clothing, pans) in large boxes.
• Bundle items such as brooms and skis with tape.
Dressers & file cabinets should be empty.
• Items in desks and file cabinets (books, pens, stationery) should be removed and boxed before the move.
• Securely tape shut the top and bottom of boxes to be moved.
• Label the boxes with the rooms they will go into.
• Use clean packing paper for all your breakables and label boxes “FRAGILE”.
• Tape cardboard on all mirrors and remove chimes and pendulums from clocks.
• Don’t water your plants just before the move.

Moving Day

• Disconnect electronics and appliances.
• Carry valuables with you: cash, jewelry, important documents.
• Make a final check of the house and garage before the movers leave to ensure nothing has been missed.
• Change addresses on pet tags after the move.

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